HealthSouth Lakeshore Recognized As One Of The Top 10 Percent Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities In The U.S.


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – HealthSouth Lakeshore Rehabilitation Hospital has received top recognition from Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation (UDSMR®) for the second year. The hospital ranked in the top ten percent of qualifying rehabilitation hospitals for 2015 and 2012.

UDSMR® is a non-profit group that evaluates rehabilitation hospitals on their delivery of quality care that is effective, efficient, timely and patient-centered. To determine the rankings, UDSMR® uses a system that measures the efficiency and effectiveness of a hospital’s rehabilitation programs. The system evaluates and tracks a patient’s progress through the rehabilitation process to document gains. This is the tenth year that UDSMR® has issued the awards.

In 2015, HealthSouth Lakeshore is pleased to report that:

  • The average length of patient stay was 12.29 days. 
  • 76.4 percent of HealthSouth Lakeshore patients were able to go home at discharge.
  • It holds disease-specific care certification from The Joint Commission for its stroke rehabilitation program.

“Our staff works hard to achieve great results, and I applaud them for their unwavering commitment to quality patient care,” said Vickie Demers, chief executive officer of HealthSouth Lakeshore. “Patients have a choice and we welcome them to explore the specialized, state-of-the-art rehabilitation services that our hospital has to offer.”

The data used for this report was based on 12 months of 2015 data, drawn from both Medicare and non-Medicare patients. The results were weighted and combined into a single composite score, and each hospital was assigned a percentile rank from zero to 100 relative to the 782 qualifying subscribers in the UDSMR® database.

About UDSMR®
About UDSMR®: Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation (UDSMR®) is a division of UB Foundation Activities Inc., a not-for-profit corporation affiliated with the University at Buffalo, The State University of New York. Founded in 1987, UDSMR® administers the world’s largest medical rehabilitation database, and its instruments provide the field with a common language and measurement tools for outcomes and functional assessment. CMS has adopted UDSMR®’s FIM™ instrument as the basis for the IRF PPS, and UDSMR® provides exclusive training and support to the agency.

Source: HealthSouth Lakeshore Rehabilitation Hospital

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